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Single Cask Beard Grease - El Jefe

Single Cask Beard Grease - El Jefe

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El Jefe Scent: A fresh, clean masculine scent. 

Introducing...Single Cask Beard Grease

In the tradition of single cask whiskey, where each batch comes from a single, unique aging barrel, resulting in a custom, never-to-be-repeated product, The Beardsmith is introducing Single Cask Beard Grease. Each Single Cask scent will be a limited-edition, one-production-run-only batch. Once it is gone, it will never be replicated. Our first Single Cask Beard Grease is El Jefe, a fresh, clean, masculine scent that is perfect for any occasion. After testing the scent with patrons in our shop, it has been unanimously well-received by men and women alike. We're sure you're going to love this one. 

How to Use: Use daily. After showering, towel-dry the Beard. Take a dime- to quarter-size amount of Beard Grease (depending on the epicness of your Beard), and rub between the hands for a few seconds until it melts into a liquid. Work thoroughly through the Beard from roots to tips. Groom with a high-quality brush or comb as usual. Listen as your Beard thanks you. If your Beard feels oily after about an hour, you've used too much, as it should fully absorb into the Beard and skin.

Ingredients: Coconut oil, shea butter, grapeseed oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, almond oil, argan oil, lanolin, cocoa butter, cosmetic-safe fragrance oil.

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